Amy VaughAn

Owner & Chief Empowerment Officer


Amy is an experienced and enthusiastic business leader, tech founder, creative marketer, speaker, facilitator, and podcast host, and dynamic guest known for her fearless leadership as Together Digital’s Owner & Chief Empowerment Officer. Her upcoming book and app aim to empower women by addressing the Networking Gap. Amy’s deep belief in vulnerability, purpose, and collaboration drives her commitment to creating positive change for thousands of professional women every year.

With an impressive background as an award-winning Creative Director, Amy spent nearly 14 years crafting compelling digital and video content for global brands like Ford, Pringles, Febreze, Pantene, Gillette, Folgers, Biore, Jergens, Walmart, BlueCross Blue Shield, Humana, and Fifth Third.

Now, as the biggest champion and CEO of Together Digital, Amy proudly safeguards and nurtures the organization’s mission, inspiring and empowering women in the digital space.

Amy is Always Ready To Answer these questions

1) Can you share a defining moment that led you to lead and ultimately buy Together Digital and become its Chief Empowerment Officer?

2) How do you see the Networking Gap impacting women in the professional world, and what inspired you to address this issue in your upcoming book and app?

3) With your extensive background in creative marketing, how has storytelling played a role in your leadership journey and the success of Together Digital?

4) Can you elaborate on the significance of vulnerability, purpose, and collaboration in your leadership philosophy and how it shapes the culture at Together Digital?

5) As a creative director, you’ve worked with major brands like Ford, Pringles, and Pantene. How did those experiences influence your approach to empowering women in the digital space?

6) What challenges have you encountered in your career, and how have they contributed to your fearless leadership style?

7) Your commitment to positive change for professional women is evident. Can you share a specific success story or impactful moment from your work with Together Digital?

8) How do you envision the future of Together Digital, and what key initiatives are you excited about in the coming years?

9) In your role as a podcast host, what themes or topics do you find most resonant among your listeners, and why?

10) As the CEO of Together Digital, what advice do you have for women navigating the digital landscape and seeking to make a meaningful impact in their careers?




Sound Quality

Amy uses a Shure Mv7 and earbuds on every podcast appearance to ensure the quality of the audio


Amy is located in the US and she is available: Mondays AM ET, Wednesday AM ET, Friday PM ET.